Hand Washing

Glow 2 Show

Glow 2 Show Hand Hygiene Training

If you are teaching kitchen staff about proper handwashing techniques, the first step is to show them that their current technique is not working.

Glow 2 Show is great value Aussie-made training program. The student is asked to rub the Glow 2 Show into their hands. It dries invisible - just like germs - but it glows under UV light. The student is then asked to wash their hands as they normally would. The trainer then uses a UV flashlight to expose any of the Glow 2 Show that remains.



GlitterBug Hand Hygiene Training

GlitterBug is a well-known hand hygiene training that features a range of products for hand washing, hand hygiene and cross contamination.

Like Glow 2 Show, it is invisible in normal light, but glows under UV light to simulate germs.


Temperature Control

Clever Logger temperature loggers

Clever Logger is a fantastic logger that will not only provide you with a record of the temperature in your fridge, freezer or cool room, but will notify you immediately if there is a temperature breach or power outage.

Clever Logger uses internet technology to save your temperature data to the cloud. It is very competitively priced, and best of all, there are no ongoing subscriptions or fees, unlike other online loggers.



LogTag temperature loggers

While they don't give you the instant results that the Clever Logger provides, LogTag loggers are great for logging temperatures while transporting food.

Just place this USB logger in with the food shipment and you'll have an ongoing temperature readout, and an instantly accessible report when you reach your destination, just by plugging the logger into a computer.


Thermochron temperature loggers

Thermochrons are tiny, tough, self-contained temperature loggers, about the size of a $2 coin. While they are a bit limited in features compared to newer loggers like Clever Logger, they have one unbeatable advantage: because they are so resilient and because they have no wires or probes, you can place them directly in food to measure heating and cooling times for your HACCP compliance.

Depending on the model, Thermochrons can log temperatures up to 140°C.


Information and Blogs

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Articles about food safety and food poisoning.


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NSW Food Authority

A massive resource of articles, fact sheets, and posters for everyone in the food industry.



This blog hasn't been updated for a while but still has some of the best information about food safety. Well worth a look.