It’s in your HACCP plan and you know it’s important – that’s why you put your, er, top people on the job.

And just because the kitchen is a madhouse, doesn’t mean it’s not getting done when it should, right? They’re not just writing down 3° on the log whenever they remember?


There are better ways to comply with your temperature monitoring obligations.

Get an automatic temperature logger


LogTag with built-in USB


Automatic temperature loggers, like this LogTag, measure the temperature in your coolroom ever few minutes and save the data to their memory. If the temperature gets too high or too low, they signal an alert with a red flashing light.

If there’s no red light, there’s been no problem.

You can get a staff member to be responsible for checking for alerts every day, and you can check that they have done it by having them press the Mark button at each check. The Mark button will place a mark on the temperature graph showing the time it was pressed. No more fudged logs.

Data can be downloaded every week or two to keep a permanent record of your coolroom and freezer temperatures, in case you are asked to prove they are working properly.


Go one step further


Wireless temperature logger


This wireless system makes the process even easier.

Place the tile in the coolroom. Set up the base station outside the coolroom with a connection to the internet, and your temperature data is automatically uploaded to the internet every few minutes. You never have to touch the logger or connect it to a computer. It all just happens.

You can log in from anywhere and see your current fridge and freezer temperatures. You have a full record of historical data always to hand.

And best of all, the wireless system comes with a mobile phone app that can alert you anytime, anywhere if you have a coolroom failure.